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Fresh eyes on the feeding of the five thousand

Another way of thinking about the parable of the mustard seed.

God speaks to our human nature from the very earliest chapters of the Bible. See what we can learn from Genesis 3 about God's call to approach even when we want to hide.

People continue to have a fascination with royalty as evidenced by the recent wedding. How is this a reflection of our hardwired desire to know a transcendent God?

Let's let the Word of God rain down in our lives.

Why does it matter that Jesus rose in the flesh and not just in the spirit?

Mark's Gospel is abrupt and straight to the point when it comes to Easter morning.

Most of us have a bias toward action and doing as opposed to inaction or just being. What can we learn from Peter's reaction to the miracle of the Transfiguration?

In case you are not familiar, here is an introduction to the services of Holy Week

A Walk in the park on the cusp of Spring reminds us of how nature is ready to burst forth in life. So much potential, and this is like our relationship with God at all times

An original analogy for church work from the Book of Nehemiah.

Getting to the heart of Jesus' clearing out of the Temple courts in John chapter 2

Pastor Chuck has Psalm 139 on his mind lately...

Paul challenges the believers in Corinth to put Christian concern for their brothers and sisters above personal freedom.

Paul's directive for married men to live as if they have no wives can easily be misunderstood. What is there behind this command in 1 Corinthians?

As we approach the new year, let's reflect on the past year's challenges and blessings and consider how we may grow in our faith in the year to come.

For he has clothed me with the garments of salvation... what a lovely image spoken of the servant who was to come in Isaiah. What do these words mean for us today?

John had a ministry of preparing the way for Jesus, a very appropriate theme for the season of Advent.

It seems Christ knew that his church may grow impatient for his return. So he described the ten young women 'sleepy' and 'drowsy' as the awaited the groom who was delayed. How do make sure we are among those who were prepared when the moment suddenly arrived?

What do we mean when we say we believe in the communion of saints?

Let's take a look at what changes and what doesn't

"Don't Worry, Be Happy" is a well known phrase but Jesus said it better.

Just how generous is the Gospel? Jesus' parable of the workers in the vineyard points us toward the truth.

A little piece of good news in a suffering world.

Unforgiveness is in fact putting ourselves in the place of God.

Mr. Kim asked me to write down a few nice words for him.

We may write a certain number of people off, but God never does.

Please pray together with me this week for Tae-Yun and her whole family.