LATEST UPDATE, November 4: ILC has resumed in-person services at 50% capacity, per government rules (masks worn, temperature checks, etc.). All services will continue to be live streamed online as well.

A Note from Pastor

Security Blanket


Is there any better feeling in this world than being covered under a big heavy blanket on a cold winter night?  I love that feeling.  It sends us back to childhood and the safety and security and warmth we felt as we were tucked into bed by mom or dad.  For me the heavier the blanket the better.  In fact, I always liked getting my teeth x-rayed at the dentist because they used to cover me with that heavy lead apron.  I felt safe under its weight.  I wouldn’t have minded taking that thing home with me. 

And now, as a parent, I get to tuck my daughters into bed.  Each of our daughters has her “bei bei” which is the word they have invented for their blanket.  Because they are twins, we try to do everything at the same time so they stay on the same schedule.  So Jean puts Anneliese in her crib while I put Elsie in hers.  Jean whispers her sweet goodnight reassurances in Chinese, while I give mine in English.  Both are assured we love them and that Jesus loves them.  And lastly their blanket goes on top. 

I think we all need that love, that security and that reassurance.  Because we do live in a cold world, with its many problems and frustrations.  Ultimately, this is why Christ came.  To clothe us.  To wrap us in a huge security blanket.  To tell us we are safe when we remain connected to him in faith. 

Here is a section of our reading from Isaiah for the third Sunday in Advent: I will greatly rejoice in the LORD; my soul shall exult in my God, for he has clothed me with the garments of salvation; he has covered me with the robe of righteousness… (Isaiah 61:10).  This security was not easily won.  Jesus was stripped bare, his garments gambled away that we may be clothed, covered in the garments of salvation.

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