A Prayer for Tae-Yun

Lamentations 322–23 [widescreen]

On Tuesday night, I was able to go and visit Kim Tae-Yun at Seoul National University Children’s Hospital. For those of you who have attended ILC over the past half year you have heard us praying for Tae-Yun almost every Sunday. She has been battling Leukemia all year and has been in the hospital for most of this time.

She is now entering a very critical phase. On Friday (Sept. 1) she will receive a bone marrow transplant. This means that they must make sure her immune system is extremely weak so that she may accept the donor blood cells. As a result, she is in a sealed room at the hospital to prevent infection. Her mother, Kim Mo-Ran, is with her together in this room 24 hours a day, and her father Jun-Oh can visit at night after work but he cannot go in.

During my visit I viewed Tae-Yun through a window and spoke with her and prayed for her through a telephone. She looks strong and brave, and she looks like a seven year old girl who has already been through so much in this life.

Please pray together with me this week for Tae-Yun and her whole family. Pray especially for her older sister, Tae-yeon, who doctors say is a ‘perfect match,’ and who will be her bone marrow donor. Please pray for mother Mo-Ran and father Jun-Oh and older brother Min-Gyu as well as they all deal with the stress and burden of this illness.

But most of all pray for Tae-Yun’s full recovery. Kim Jun-Oh has been a long time and very faithful member of ILC and we miss seeing him and his whole family together with us on Sunday mornings. We miss and love the Kim family so much and ask for God’s healing and care for Tae-Yun.

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