A Note from Pastor


One of the most endearing aspects of Korean culture is the affection that is shown for babies and children.  We never make it far down the sidewalk without someone adoring our twin girls.  When they were babies it was amazing! 

One time a whole group of young women wanted to take a picture with Elsie at a restaurant.  Another time, when we took our first flight and our girls were only one month old the Korean Air flight attendants squealed with delight as we boarded the plane.  They had to take a moment and collect themselves and go back into professional mode. 

I guess Koreans love small children so much because they see their cuteness and their potential.  They are life and hope and they are all future.  There is all up curve in front of them.  Who knows? Any given child may be the one to cure diseases or be a great artist.  No one would be silly enough to look at a baby and think, “They don’t seem impressive, they can’t say much or even walk.”  We understand that they are all potential. 

This is sort of how Jesus spoke of the kingdom of God (Mark 4:26-34).  He compared it to a mustard seed.  That is a small and unimpressive seed.  You’d never notice it on the ground.  But it has the potential of becoming a large garden tree with branches spreading out in all directions.  The Kingdom of God may look like very little according to the value and judgement systems of this world.  But with eyes of faith we can see its branches stretching out in all directions.  We see people coming to Christ and acknowledging him as Savior in every culture on earth.  We note 2 billion believers.  All from a small band of fishermen who lived in unimportant Galilee.  And that potential is in the heart of each believer, for growth and sanctification as that seed of faith grows.