Staying Prepared


Pilots have a very difficult job.  They have to be alert and ready in case something goes wrong even when many hours of flight can be so routine that it would be hard to stay awake and alert.  Some pilots may fly for twenty years without any major incident and then suddenly be flying and lose power to both engines.  What do you do now?  Are you prepared?  Do you panic?  Hopefully you have continued training.  Hopefully you have practiced, and continued to practice so that you know what to do.  When that moment finally arrives are you ready?

We as Christians are in a similar situation.  We are all waiting for Christ’s return.  It will come suddenly, without warning according to Scripture.  Will we be ready?  During the final three weeks of the church year we deal with texts that remind us of this truth. 

Jesus tells us the story of the ten young women waiting for a groom to arrive.  Five came prepared with extra oil for their lamps, while five did not prepare.  All became drowsy and sleepy as the groom was delayed.  In the end, only those who had prepared ahead of time joined the wedding feast.  One of the reasons we remind ourselves each year that we do believe that Christ will return is that we need to be re-trained.  Just like a pilot.  We need to be reminded that there will sometime be a sudden moment where all we have learned becomes extremely important. 

We don’t know when that moment will take place.  So this is why we prepare ahead of time.  People do training all of the time to ‘keep their skills fresh.’  We, as believers, also need to keep our beliefs fresh by revisiting God’s Word every day and making sure that we stay prepared for Christ’s return.

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