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A Walk in the Park


I write this on Wednesday March 14th.  I know the official first day of Spring is next week, but I think today is the unofficial first day.  Today the temperature here in Seoul popped to 22° C (72° F).  What a feeling!  There was no way I was going to pass the entire day in my office.  We took our girls to the nearby park in the early afternoon.  There we saw our first butterfly of the season, I noticed a chipmunk jumping around on the dead leaves.  Even some of the hedges had the tiniest pale green buds beginning to poke out. 

It’s clear, that life is just about to revive.  Any minute, any second it seems.  Actually, this is a great time of year.  Just before Spring springs.  It’s all still potential right now.  Like the potential energy of a mousetrap with its spring arm pulled back.

This kind of energy all around me in the environment increases my mood quite a bit.  I would like to bottle this energy, this potential, and apply it to everything in my life.  I’d like to have a Spring-like renewal in my home life and in my work life.  I’d like to have a Spring-like resurgence in my relationship with God as well.  Have you ever felt like Winter just won’t end?

The amazing thing is that in Christ we are always on the cusp of Spring, we are all potential all energy waiting to be released.  There is nothing impossible when even life can spring out of death.  There is no stagnation, there is no hibernation when it comes to God.  Every day, every season is the same.  All we need to do is sit down and pray and seek his face and watch things spring back to life in our hearts.  And we don’t need to wait until March 20 or Easter or any other day, it’s available right now!

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