God and the New Year


With just a few hours left in 2017, it is an appropriate time for reflection.  How did this year go for you?  Have you had any major life changes?  What went well?  What did not go well?  Is there anything you would have done differently if you were given a do-over?  What made you happy and joyful in 2017?  What made you sad? 

For me this has been a year of milestones in watching our twin girls grow up.  They first began to crawl in January.  They took their first steps and began to walk over the summer.  And now in December they run all over the house like crazy.  What a difference a year makes! 

I will also always remember this year because of our fundraising trip to the US.  We visited over a dozen churches in nine different states.  We saw a lot of America and met a lot of great people.  We also got to reconnect with family.  As I reflect upon 2017 I have to say that for me and my family it has been a good year.  We went to Taiwan twice and America once, and we have seen new people arrive here in Seoul. 

We have much to be grateful to God for, most of all two healthy girls.  I see that God has been good to us.  It makes me wonder what 2018 has in store.  There may be new blessings.  There may also be new challenges, even things that we are unsure if we have the strength to bear.  But the one thing I know for sure is that God will remain with me and my family through both the blessings and the difficulties.  I welcome both the good and the bad because I have seen God work so tremendously in all situations. 

What do you expect to happen in the year to come?  Do you have special plans?  How do you hope to grow in your faith in the year to come?  I’d love to hear your responses; my email is at the bottom of the newsletter!

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