Farewell and Thank You Mr. Kim

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Note: Mr. Kim, ILC's beloved supervisor of over 50 years, worked his final Sunday on September 17th and is entering retirement.  Prayers are appreciated as he deals with health problems.

Dear ILC Members,

Mr. Kim asked me to write down a few nice words for him.  He wanted to thank you and tell you how much he has enjoyed his many years of service here at ILC.  In his typical humility, Mr. Kim did not want to do this himself.  He said we wanted me to use “the good English,” to convey those feelings.

But as I try to write this my “good English,” is failing me.  How can I speak for a man who walked across the length of the Korean Peninsula as the world was falling apart around him?  How do I speak for a man who served the same church for over fifty years?  How can I speak for a man whose faith is like a gentle stream on the surface, but below the surface is as deep as the ocean?

Mr. Kim has impressed me deeply during my time here at ILC.  He has a love of Christ, and a love of ILC which have been expressed through his deep and lasting commitment.  Pastors have come and gone, Mr. Kim has been the constant.  He is the very heart of our church and our community.

So, I know Mr. Kim wanted to thank us and give an appropriate good-bye.  But instead we are thanking him, although we don’t know how.  I just don’t have the “good English,” to express enough thanks for all he has done.

Pastor Chuck Hoffman

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