Things Are Changing


Boy, things sure are changing fast!  I began college in 1998, just less than 20 years ago.  When I went off to college, I did not own my own computer, no one else did either.  Back then a new desktop computer cost about $4,000 which was equal to a whole year of tuition.  So few students owned a computer.  We all went to computer labs anytime we needed to write a paper, or send an email. 

I worked in the computer lab as well.  We had maybe 120 PCs and about 60 Apple desktops at the largest lab.  On most days, every single PC would be occupied but maybe only one or two Apple computers would have a student seated there.  Apple was a dying company! 

I took one year off of college and when I came back in 2001 every student had a cell phone.  I got one too, a Nokia, but back then the only thing in the phone was people’s names and phone numbers, I think there was a 100-person limit. When I graduated in 2003 I bought myself my first computer as a graduation present, a Dell laptop.

When I began Seminary in 2007, everyone owned a computer and cell phone, but no one had a smart phone, they were brand new.  Now of course, ten years later smart phones have absolutely changed the way people live. 

My point is everything is changing, and changing fast!  But the Gospel doesn’t change.  The human sin problem doesn’t change.  We still need a savior because sin still clings.  The world was different 500 years ago when Martin Luther kicked off the Reformation.  But the problems were still the same and the answer was the same as well.  We are saved by grace through faith in Christ, faith in his death and resurrection and in his being Lord of all!  As quickly as this world is changing, this is one thing that does not change.

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