A Note from Pastor


In our Old Testament reading this Sunday (Genesis 3:8-15) we read about the scene after Adam and Eve fell into sin.  We are told they hid themselves from God.  Because they were naked they said. 

Some may dismiss this as a simple folk story or fairytale.  But if we are honest we see how accurate a description of human nature this is.  We all hide when we are caught doing something we shouldn’t.  Whether children or adults, our first instinct is always to hide.  A toddler may grab a blanket and put it over her head thinking she can disappear.  As adults we know we can’t do this.  But we try to hide in other ways. 

First our body language gives us away.  Our shoulders slump, our we pull our limbs in close, we may slide down in our chair.  We are trying to make ourselves small or invisible.  We may as well put a blanket over our head.  But secondly, we hide with our language.  We redirect, or excuse, or out right lie or blame others.  This is why people say, “Don’t hide behind your excuses.” 

Adam and Eve tried to redirect or excuse or blame as well.  And the nakedness they referred to was not only their physical nakedness.  That was only part of it.  I suspect they were referring to their entire feeling as well.  They felt exposed.  Their disobedience, their lack of trust in God’s command and God’s care was exposed and on full display when they ate the fruit.  This kind of nakedness is much worse than physical nakedness.  This is why they were so keen to hide. 

But what we need to remember is that with God our instincts are wrong.  We want to hide, but God invites us to approach.  Approach him in worship, in praise, in confession and his answer is always, “I love you, you are forgiven for the sake of Jesus.”