2015 Candlelight Service Christmas

When you arrive, we will do our best to greet you and give you a quick introduction to the facilities. Worship takes place in the sanctuary. Like many Lutheran churches in the world, we follow a liturgical style of worship. This means that we follow a particular order of service, including parts such as confessing our faith with one of the Creeds, listening to God's Word, praying the Lord's Prayer, singing hymns, and celebrating Holy Communion. To learn a little more about our worship, go to this page

We are a Christian, Lutheran congregation that seeks to share the amazing truths of God's Word made clear through the Gospel of Jesus' death and resurrection for all. Our Reformation heritage is expressed in our focus on the Means of Grace (Baptism and the Lord's Supper) and through the use of a liturgy (order of worship). You do not have to know the liturgy to worship with us as it is printed and displayed for worshippers to follow during the service. 

The organ and piano accompany our singing of hymns and songs. We utilize the Lutheran Service Book as a worship guide throughout the church year. Our service liturgy is generally divided into three parts: Confession and Absolution, Service of the Word, and Service of the Sacrament. Some specific elements include hymns of praise, prayers of the day, Scripture readings, a sermon, confession of our faith through a creed (Apostles' or Nicene), and the Lord's Supper.

Further details about Lutheran worship are found here