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The Final Day

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When we hear the words, “End Times” we may think of the end of the world, the “apocalyptic” images of popular culture or the real dangers of our age. “Apocalypse” is actually a term used in the New Testament to refer to God’s “unveiling” or “revealing” of that which had been hidden. It simply means “revelation.” While Jesus’ words in our gospel lesson today may indeed sound frightful, they are meant to encourage us to “lift up our heads” so that we would see how our “redemption has arrived.”

We have been journeying with Jesus this Fall through Luke’s Gospel to Jerusalem, and to Jesus’ determined goal - the Cross. Before we arrive though, Jesus gives us one Final teaching about that Final Day. As those around Him admire the magnificent structures and the beauty of the temple, Jesus warns them that not one stone will be left on another. It was probably not the popular thing, or even politically correct thing to say. Afterall, this structure was the Temple of God! How could it possibly be destroyed? Yet, Jesus’ words spoke not only of the physical buildings and structures in Jerusalem, and also the physical and emotional structures that we so easily cling to today, but even His own Body. While we may tremble at the thought of that Awe-filled Day, we also need to see the Final Day for what Jesus made it to be. His own death on the Cross and the destruction of His Body, God’s Temple, the Place where His Name would Forever Dwell is for us. The Awful Day, that Final Day when the Only Son of God was put on the cross was for one reason only – our redemption, our salvation. Yes, He was willing to let the Foundation of All the World be left with not one stone on another so that the Final Day, would be the Day of great rejoicing and beginning of all things new.

Today this revelation of His Grace shown to us personally in our Baptism and at His Table is meant to bring us Hope. Our Redemption has arrived and we “look up” with Hope even in the midst of all the things that seem to be coming apart. This Final Day – Today, we live in faith even as we wait for that Final Day yet to come. This is our very hour to witness to those right around us as we live in this Final Day and await with eager expectation His coming again and the renewal of all things.

Let us pray with the Church throughout this Final Day, “Come Lord Jesus quickly.”

God bless and keep you,
Pastor Carl

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