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Psalms Bible Study


Dates are subject to change.
Session 1: Psalms as Poetry – A look at Psalm 23 (April 25)
Getting on the right foot from the beginning.  The goal of this session is to catch the literary nature of the Psalms on the micro level and how that reflects a Christological center – the place where the journey begins and ends!  This serves as an introduction to all the Psalms and the concepts of Hebrew poetry (parallelism/chiastic patterns, etc.).
Session 2: Psalms as Wisdom Literature – A Look at Psalm 1 & 2 (May 2)
Making that first step in picking the right path.  The goal of this session is to grasp the literary nature of the Psalms on the macro level, namely the structure of the Book as a complete unit and its function as “guide book” for worship and life in finding the “right” path.  We will also do a general review of the nature of how the Psalms came together.
Session 3: Psalms as Theology – A look at Psalm 139 (May 9)
Help along the way.  The goal of this session is to unpack how the Psalms inform, teach and even orient us to know God.  We will look at some of the deeper thoughts that reflect upon God in the Psalms and how they reveal a lot about our selves.  This session will also introduce the various types of Psalms that have been identified and how this can aid in our overall understanding of them.
Session 4: Psalms as Confession – A look at Psalm 51 (May 16)
What happens when we go the wrong way?  The goal of this session is to comprehend the personal/devotional nature of the Psalms as they guide us in interacting with God as forgiven individuals and then as the community of the forgiving.  An additional highlight will also be a look at the “superscriptions” to see what kind of “context” that the psalmists try to provide.
Session 5: Psalms as Prayer & Lament – A look at Psalm 4 (May 23)
Asking for directions.  Sometimes our journey is not an easy one.  Sometimes it seems He has even designed it that way.  The goal of this session is to realize the Psalms as prayers, even sometimes laments to God.  Here we will experience the healing balm the Psalms can be and a model “prayer” for our own conversations with the One who can help.
Session 6: Psalms as Judgment – A look at Psalm 58 (May 30)
This can’t be right!  Sometimes along the way we experience things that just don’t seem fair.  Probably some of the most difficult parts of scripture are found in the Psalms.  Also known as Imprecatory Psalms, these seemingly self-righteous condemnations of others challenge our sensibilities.  The goal of this session is to enable us to appreciate as well as incorporate the Imprecatory Psalms.
Session 7: Psalms as Mission – A look at Psalm 46 (June 6)
Let’s GO!  Like an energy bar on a steep hill, the Psalms not only act as a guide for living but also as a motivation for living.  They empower us to set our sights on even higher things. The goal of this session is to plug into how the Psalms motivate us to live the journey in such a way that it becomes for others an invitation to join!
Session 8: Psalms as Doxology – A look at Psalm 150 (June 13)
Amen!  Amen!  More invigorating than a cool shower after a long day on the trail, the end of the journey is not the end after all!  It is the beginning of something even more glorious – the eternal Praise of Him whose praise fills our hearts with gladness.  The goal of this session is to behold the beauty of God in the Psalms of Praise & Thanksgiving.  We will also take one last look at the final compilation of the Psalms and discuss their ongoing use in our worship of God today.
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