A Note from Pastor

ILC Building

ILC Special Announcement for Sunday, May 24 on "Socially Responsible Services" and Continuing Pre-Recorded Online Worship Services

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The ILC Executive Council is aware of the growing need for us as a community to find a way to connect with one another in a socially responsible way. We have been in discussion for how we can begin to hold socially responsible onsite services again at Hannam-daero along with our prerecorded online service.

In order to accomplish this goal while at the same time upholding the safety and health of all, we are planning on beginning Socially Responsible Services beginning Sunday, May 24th. These are not complete services, but will include prayer, Bible reading, a short message from Pastor Carl, and Holy Communion. These services will be open only to registered individuals and families.

To do this, everyone will need to adhere to the following guidelines:

A total of three time slots will be available to attend a shortened worship service. Each service will last 40 minutes, allowing 20 minutes between services to prevent congestion. The time slots are 9:00-9:40, 10:00-10:40, and 11:00-11:40. All participants need to register.

A sign-up form will be sent out at 9:00 p.m. each Friday to sign up for one of the services. If you come to church without registering ahead of time you will be asked to wait until there is an available time slot. If all slots are filled, you may not be allowed entry.

In order to participate, registered individuals and families must adhere to the following measures:

  1. Maintain social distancing of two meters
  2. Ensure no one has an elevated temperature or other symptoms
  3. Ensure that no one has traveled overseas in the last two weeks, visited a place in Korea that has experienced an outbreak in the last two weeks, or been in a hospital/elderly center, etc. in the last two weeks
  4. Record the names, addresses and phone numbers of those who gather in the event of an outbreak and the need for contact tracing
  5. Limit the number of people in an enclosed space to be able to maintain social distancing. In our case we estimate this to be no more than twenty people in the chapel at a time
  6. Ensure that people are wearing masks and using hand sanitizer or hand washing
  7. Refrain from serving food

Our services migrated online on March 1. Even so, church operations have continued. There will be an opportunity during the Socially Responsible Services to bring your tithes and offerings as we collaborate to support the ministry that is ILC.
We will continue to prerecord the full worship services and make them available online. Links will be sent out as before and will also be made available through the ILC website and Facebook page.

Don't forget to register for Socially Responsible Services, beginning Sunday, May 24th. A sign-up form will be sent out at 9:00 p.m. Fridays. If there are any changes we will communicate them via our social media outlets.

Thank you everyone for your cooperation and understanding in this exceptional time. For questions or to join the sign-up mailing list, please contact us at seoulilc.volunteer@gmail.com or join the list here.

Thank you, and God bless!