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Meet our Interim Pastor, Rev. Bob Smith


Interim Pastor Rev. Robert W. Smith and Wife Alice

Rev. Bob Smith is retired and resides in Frankenmuth, Michigan. In the summer of 2006 he and his wife Alice returned to the USA after serving as educational missionaries in Lippo Karawaci, Indonesia. They have lived and worked in the United States, Hong Kong, Nigeria, and South Korea. The Smiths have led mission trips to Russia, Hong Kong, Guatemala, the Philippines, India (Calcutta), and within Indonesia. In 2002 Bob was a member of a three-person team which surveyed Afghanistan for humanitarian reconstruction projects.

In 1985 Rev. Smith was assigned as a vicar in Nigeria. In 1986 he was ordained during the Golden Jubilee of LCN. Rev. Smith and Alice also spent 5 months in Papua, mentoring Christian teachers during 2014. In 2011 he returned to Nigeria to participate in the Diamond Jubilee of the Lutheran Church of Nigeria (LCN). 

Bob has written articles for several publications and has authored two books on prayer, (Keep Me From Evil, Harm and Fear (2004), and Keep Me and Keep All (2011).

Alice closed her teaching career with the honor of being selected as the Lutheran Education Association Distinguished International Lutheran Teacher in 2006. Her Christian children’s book Under the Eye of the Magpie was published in 2010.

The Smiths have two sons. Kurtis is Director of Crossing Home in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Eric teaches at Valley Lutheran High School in Saginaw, Michigan. Each son has four children.

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