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Little Ones

children with Christ

Little Ones. Insignificant? Minor? Unimportant?

Sometimes the little things don’t muster our attention. They seem just that… little and unimportant. From what Jesus tells His disciples this week in our Gospel lesson (Luke 17:1-10), this couldn’t be further from the truth. These little things – whether they are the “little ones,” our “mustard seed” sized faith, or the little “tasks” we do each day, none of these escape the attention of Him who has set His face to Jerusalem and the Cross that is yet to come.

But how is it that God can help us to see their importance and the serious nature which He has assigned them. What is more, when we begin to feel like little ones, “tiny” and insignificant, how are we to live? Like the disciples, we long for the increase of our faith especially when we live in relationship with other “little ones.” Our ability to truly forgive seems like a chore and hardly “natural” as Jesus makes it sound. We struggle to forgive each other once, not to imagine seven times in a day! But this is exactly the scandalous life to which we have been called and invited to participate with Him. Here the Cross and the Scandal upon which all people stumble is not only our goal and aim but it is the very weight that can sink our sinful nature. Though our sin was laid upon His neck and He was thrown into the sea, roots and all, He rose from the dead and serves us even this morning with His very finest food – His own Body and Blood. Jesus is the object of our faith, because He has removed our woe and forever planted us in His Kingdom.

In Him, our littleness takes on a new dimension. We live to serve in little ways, not self, but Him who is both Lord and Servant. Our relationship is not based on the size of our faith or our ability to keep track of how many times we have forgiven each other. Our relationship to one another is instead rooted and established in Him, and Him alone. This month we celebrate the Reformation. We will be exploring the gems of Scripture Alone, Faith Alone, Grace Alone and Christ Alone. Each of these point to the same Jesus that puts us into a new community with Him and one another. We are certainly not Alone but instead in Him a new community of faith. While shocking scandals will come, our need to live in His Blood bought forgiveness is even more certain.

Pastor Carl

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